A Model to Reject Relativity!

Let’s see if we can establish a common ground of understanding by analyzing a landmark experiment that is almost a century old, a crucial part of modern navigational technology, but without anything like common agreement in theory .. the Sagnac eXperiment.(SagnacX).

From this analysis will arise a conceptual model, proven by natural testing, that rejects relativity and points to a familiar absolute frame for measuring motion and a universal background as the arena in which all events occur - the EM aether.

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In the topics section, the Fizeau and Sagnac experiments then provide motivation for the ALFA model and Consequences .

Tests supporting and extending ALFA predictions are the Michelson-Morely, Michelson-Gale, Foucault, Aether motion, and Galaev tests.

Claims to refute ALFA are covered by the Aberration, Airy and Parallax topics.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Aberration - aether motion

Stellar  Aberration    Bradley  1727   

Aberration isn’t  parallax; it’s true of all stars  and dependent on latitude.

The MS version uses  the HC model above (top) to explain the annual variation in aberration.
It follows Bradley’s formula  for the aberration angle alpha – above (bottom).

Alpha   ~=   v/c * sin(lat)    

Here lat is the latitude angle and v is the speed of the Earth with respect to the Sun.. 30 km/s.  
The expected view  angle in (a) (computed assuming the Earth rotates)  is corrected by tilting the telescope by alpha.  MS attributes this to the motion of the earth eastward (v in (b)) while the light traverses the telescope at speed c.

There is an obvious –and ignored – conflict here with relativity, for which motion is independent of reference frame, and the required use of the HC system to measure v.  
In any other reference system the Bradley formula is invalid, so the HC system MUST be used, an absolute condition contrary to SR.  
There’s the logical issue, too, of how the starlight knows to use the Sun at rest, out of all the possible reference systems for aberration…. So anyone who accepts the Bradley derivation must rationally reject  relativity.

The Airy test provided physical evidence that refuted Bradley’s theory of aberration due to Earth’s motion.


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