A Model to Reject Relativity!

Let’s see if we can establish a common ground of understanding by analyzing a landmark experiment that is almost a century old, a crucial part of modern navigational technology, but without anything like common agreement in theory .. the Sagnac eXperiment.(SagnacX).

From this analysis will arise a conceptual model, proven by natural testing, that rejects relativity and points to a familiar absolute frame for measuring motion and a universal background as the arena in which all events occur - the EM aether.

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Tests supporting and extending ALFA predictions are the Michelson-Morely, Michelson-Gale, Foucault, Aether motion, and Galaev tests.

Claims to refute ALFA are covered by the Aberration, Airy and Parallax topics.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Galaev altitude test

Galaev   2002

Key aether tests of velocity and viscosity using millimeter radio waves were performed by the gas phase method.  These tests demonstrate aether exists, is dynamic, has viscosity, a cosmic source, and depends on latitude and altitude.  His tests show no evidence of Earth’s orbital motion. 

Virtually all these results conflict with Special Relativity and General Relativity theory.  No MS response to this recent disproof has been published yet.

The determination of variation of aether velocity and viscosity with height used the setup above.  Radio waves were sent from B to A directly and also reflected off the ground at C, D and E.  Direct and reflected patterns were compared with a radio interferometer. .

With this data and that of Dayton Miller with light waves above , he found that the aether speed was approximately zero on the surface and increased with the square root of the height above the ground (see below),

Vaether  = k h1/2

Galaev  reports a sidereal  variation of the aether that several other experiments have also found, including the CMB dipole statistic.  

Conclusion:   This recent test is the first measurement of aethereal viscosity, which must exist to slow down entrained aether motion.
The dependence of aether speed on height supports the Michelson-Gale result, but raises new questions about the aethereal properties.


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