A Model to Reject Relativity!

Let’s see if we can establish a common ground of understanding by analyzing a landmark experiment that is almost a century old, a crucial part of modern navigational technology, but without anything like common agreement in theory .. the Sagnac eXperiment.(SagnacX).

From this analysis will arise a conceptual model, proven by natural testing, that rejects relativity and points to a familiar absolute frame for measuring motion and a universal background as the arena in which all events occur - the EM aether.

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Start with the Background reading section (left column).

In the topics section, the Fizeau and Sagnac experiments then provide motivation for the ALFA model and Consequences .

Tests supporting and extending ALFA predictions are the Michelson-Morely, Michelson-Gale, Foucault, Aether motion, and Galaev tests.

Claims to refute ALFA are covered by the Aberration, Airy and Parallax topics.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ALFA Consequences

Contemplation of ALFA Consequences :
  1. ALFA model's conflict with relativity implies all SR conclusions must be revisited and re-examined
  2. The Big Bang model fizzles - a cosmos centered on Earth must now be contemplated and explained. 
  3. The Cosmological/Copernican Principle of cosmic large scale uniformity is found to be unprincipled!
  4. CMB anomalies are explained as authentic geocentric structures and motions, not ancient relics of radiation imprinted in the early stages of the bogus Big Bang model. 
  5. Evolution faces enormous new hurdles: our special role in the universe, the appearaance of natural evidnce of the supernatural, etc.
  6. Quantum mechanics may find aether causes for its enigmas... Entanglement, Bell’s theorem, etc.
  7. Newton’s 3 laws of mechanics must be modified to include the interaction of matter and aether.
  8. Kinetic energy is now anchored, since speed now has an absolute meaning (motion on Earth)
  9. All physical laws that involve motion must use the lab frame: for example, the Lorentz EM force and Centripetal and Coriolis inertial forces.  
  10. The Pioneer and fly-by anomalies hint at two types of aether. – electromagnetic(EM) and gravito-inertial(GI).
  11. Hot current topics in applied mathematics are now dead; Lorentz transforms and inertial frames and Riemannian geometry - along with many others - are of no physical importance.
  12. Mach’s principle is disproven – rotation is not relative.


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